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Underwater Scooter Ride In Bali

Bali has a very rich and colourful marine life and there are many ways to explore it. From scuba diving to snorkelling to undersea walk, there are a variety of water sports you can enjoy to have a glimpse of this colourful underwater world of Bali. 

Since I already experienced the undersea walk in Mauritius, I wanted to explore something different this time. I opted for underwater scooter ride that happened to be one of the most beautiful ride of my life.  

We went to the beautiful Tanjung Benoa harbour for this amazing sea ride. You can buy tickets for various sea sports directly from the dive centre of the harbour. Locker service, restrooms and changing room facilities are also available here. 

The underwater scooter adventure takes you on a 25-minute ride in the vast Indian Ocean. It goes upto 20 metres deep at a speed of 7km/h. There were two instructors that were with us all the time under the sea. 

With its clear vast dome, you get a 180-degree view of the ocean, enjoying the views of vibrant corals, colourful fishes and numerous enigmatic old structures and statues the sea must have swallowed years ago.  You are also allowed to feed the fishes with a particular bread that they give you for the purpose. 

Your package includes pictures and videos of you as well as the underwater world. Overall, it was a beautiful experience as the underwater world is something that has always fascinated me.

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