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Top 5 Dishes You Must Try In Bali

With its time-tested spices and tantalising flavours, Bali offers a variety of lip smacking cuisines. Here is a list of 5 must-try. 


It’s a spicy flavourful fried rice dish – a perfect blend of aromatic spices, tamarind, shrimp paste and fish sauce, and topped with a sunny side up fried egg. If you like spicy food, this one must be up on your list. 


Pisang Goreng is the name given to Indonesian banana fritters. It’s a commonly available dessert and you can even street vendors selling it. Bananas are covered in rice batter and deep fried in ample cooking oil. In restaurants, this dish is generally paired with vanilla ice cream or sticky coconut rice. Since I’ve a sweet tooth, this dessert is up on my list. 


Balinese people love satay and this snack is something you find everywhere from the flights to and fro Bali to the restaurants, hotels and street food vendors. Satay is made with chicken or lamb meat marinated in freshly ground spices and sweet soy sauce. It is served with lemon juice and peanut sauce which further enhances its taste and flavour. Balinese Satay is simply irresistible, especially when you love non-vegetarian food. 


Gado Gado salad is a complete health package on the plate. It is made with potatoes, beans, cabbage, cucumber, beansprouts, carrot, tofu, coriander and boiled eggs – all mixed in a peanut sauce dressing. A great option for those who watch their health even while travelling. 


Jimbaran Beach is a paradise for seafood lovers. But Seafood Platter at the Jimbaran Beach is not just about food, it’s an experience. The beach is one of the best spots for enjoying memorable sunsets. More than a dozen seafood cafes line the white sand beach that offer freshly grilled seafood. Enjoy the sumptuous flavours of Bali while you soak in that that laid-back beach vibe and watch the sun go down. The platter includes calamari, prawns, lobsters, crab, red snapper, oysters, and a lot more.  

Well, heads up for those who never tried seafood before, please check if you are not allergic to seafood before digging in to this platter. Check my related post – ‘Seafood Allergies – All You Need To Know‘ for more details on this. 

P.S. : There aren’t much options for vegetarians in Balinese dishes, especially if you don’t even consume egg. However, you may find some Indian restaurants serving all kinds of Indian Cuisines. They have good options for vegetarians as well. One such restaurant is Queen’s, that we found while we were heading back to our Hotel in Nusa Dua after enjoying sea sports at Tanjung Benoa. It offered both – great food and great ambience; and of course great hospitality that Bali is famous for. 

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