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Bali Hai Sunset Cruise

Bali Hai Sunset Cruise is the best way to enjoy a romantic tropical evening in Bali. The cruise combines the magical experience of cruising on the magnificent coastline of Bali and watching one of the most spectacular sunsets of your life. This is followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner, live music and entertaining performances. The cruise goes way beyond being just a romantic night. It creates some of the most memorable moments and unforgettable memories for life. 

As a part of our tour, we were picked up from our hotel Ayodhya in Nusa Dua, and arrived at the Benoa Harbour, Denpasar; where an impressive luxury catamaran Bali Hai II awaited us. We were warmly welcomed by the friendly crew members with a frangipani flower garland. Frangipani is considered as a holy flower in Bali. It is frequently used in prayers and as a part of the warm welcomes. You’ll see both men and women in Bali wearing this flower on their ear as a symbol of auspiciousness.

Before boarding the cruise, we got an opportunity to get clicked with the catamaran and the traditionally dressed dancers. 

As the cruise started moving, I enjoyed the cool breeze brushing through my hair while sipping on my welcome drink and nibbling the canapés onboard. There was a live band singing pleasant songs and playing mellow music on the open-air upper deck. The view of the majestic Benoa Harbour was a visual treat. These are the perfect moments when you want the time to stop for a while.

The changing colours of the sky from the shades of blue to the the shades of orange, red and purple with a spectacular sunset at the backdrops was a perfect fairy tale moment. I wondered at the magnificence and the mysterious art of Mother Nature. 

After witnessing the hues of romance and clicking some of the most memorable pictures, we headed from the open deck to the main deck that resembled a large dining room. We occupied corner seats near the window to get some more enthralling views of the intoxicating evening and paired it up with some heady cocktails. Non-alcoholic drinks are free onboard, however, you need to pay for the cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. 

The buffet dinner included a wide variety of delicious Indonesian and International cuisines. Their lavish menu ranges from an alluring array of salads to cold dishes like smoked marlin, California sushi, fresh prawns, asparagus and ham to hot dishes like chicken satay, sweet-and-sour seafood, grilled beef steaks in barbecue sauce, vegetable ratatouille, fried glass noodles, and deep-fried fish served with steamed rice. The desserts include fresh fruits, fruit pies, pastries, assorted cakes and an extensive selection of cheese. 

The sumptuous dinner was followed by live cultural performances. The romantic ambience of the night was illuminated by traditional Balinese dances, melodious music, pop songs and entertaining cabaret shows. You can enjoy all this sipping on some tea/coffee served with some delicious little cakes, biscuits and tarts after dinner. This was then followed by karaoke you can participate in and dance on some hip hop disco songs. 

Last but not the least, as our cruise headed back to the Benoa Harbour, we closed the day by enjoying the cool night relaxing on the open-air upper deck and gazing the stars. Bali Hai Sunset Cruise was such a euphoric three-hour experienceI would so love to enjoy again on my next visit. 

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