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Rolling The Dice At Bally’s Casino

After exploring the buddhist temples and Colombo museum during the day, I wanted to explore the nightlife of Colombo. And what’s better than rolling the dice at a casino and trying your luck, especially when you have some cash to burn.

Colombo is known as the Vegas of South Asia. The nightlife of the city will surprise you, especially at the Bally’s casino, which is a hot spot to witness the city’s glamour and pop culture. Operational since 1995, it is one of the largest and most opulent casinos of Sri Lanka. The casino is popular with tourists and locals equally. 

With more than 100 betting tables and 50 slot machines, the casino offers a lot many gaming options. The most popular ones are poker, roulette, baccarat and blackjack. The casino houses an elegant bar, a classy restaurant, and a high profile VIP area. Smoking is allowed inside the casino. Food and snacks are complimentary. Food is great and the service is excellent. 

Not just that, their live performances add more charm to the already throbbing evening. These performances include live concert, pole dance, belly dance and other group dances. 

Bally’s has a daunting reputation of catering to the rich, especially tourists. If you are a Bollywood buff, you might be happy to know that you may possibly spot some celebrities having a good time at the casino. Well, I spotted a couple of daily soap actors. 

You’ll also find a lot of Indians at the betting tables, especially on the tables playing Poker and Blackjack. I tried my hands on many games, changing tables occasionally. Blackjack remains my favourite though. This place has a very different vibe. If I were a film director, I would use this location to show the extravagant, lavish and sinful life of my iconic villain.

The fun and games in Bally’s never stop as the casino is operational 24/7. The Happy Hours are from 4 pm to 2 am, Saturdays to Wednesdays. Free valet parking is also available. 

Whether you win or lose, this experience will still be worth your time and money. I visited the place twice on my recent trip to Colombo and the experience was equally amazing both the times.

Blinding lights, electric ambience, throbbing performances, good food, heady drinks and gambling vibes.. well an evening of indulgence I must say.. well spent at Bally’s Casino. Life is a game.. so roll the dice!

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