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Trick Eye – The Optical Art Museum

Trick Eye Museum is a super fun place to visit in Singapore if you love creative photography. It is a wonderland created to let your imagination run wild.  Trick Eye uses the art of optical illusions to turn two-dimensional paintings or artworks into three-dimensional images. 

The museum also introduces Augmented Reality (AR) features to its exhibits that brings its art installations and paintings to life. You can step into these paintings or crawl into the exhibits and click creative photographs to trick the viewer’s eyes.

Trick Eye Museum, Sentosa, Singapore.

 All these artworks exhibit clear instructions as to where you need to stand and how you need to use your camera for those perfect deceptive clicks. 

Trick Eye Museum is divided into six different themed zones with a total of 90 eye-deceiving art works. These zones are – ’World of Masterpiece’, ‘Safari Kingdom’, ‘Star of Circus’, ‘Dream of Fairy Tale’, ‘Love In Winter’ and ‘Adventure Discovery’. 

Many artworks are designed with the elements of Singapore’s rich culture like horse-racing, and Merlion – the iconic symbol of Singapore represented as a creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. 

Trick Eye Museum

Other artworks and paintings include ferocious snakes, mysterious witches, dinosaurs, fairyland and even some gross ones. But being a part of these artworks and paintings and getting clicked with an illusion of a surreal world is absolute fun. We enjoyed every bit of time we spent in the museum.

Trick Eye Museum is suited for all age age groups. It is a perfect way to bring the entire family and friends together for an outing and a memorable photoshoot. There is no ‘do not touch’ sign anywhere. So, you can actually touch all the artworks and paintings and click as much pictures as you want. 

The museum is located on the Sentosa Island next to the Universal Studios. Your visit to the Trick Eye can be combined with your tour of Universal Studios. Please make sure your camera/phone is fully charged and has a lot of memory space as you may want to click more and more photographs. Please note that the museum is crowded most of the times. So, you may need to wait to take that perfect illusory shot with the artwork.


Trick Eye Museum

The average time you can spend here is 1.5 to 2 hours depending upon the crowd as well as the number of perfect pictures you wish to click. Prior booking is not required for Trick Eye. You can simply go to the counter and get the tickets then and there. 

Have you visited the Trick Eye Museum? How was your experience? Please leave a comment below. I would love to know your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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