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Chasing Sunset At Savitri Temple Pushkar

Pushkar is a beautiful pious city in the Indian State of Rajasthan. Your trip to Pushkar is incomplete without watching the hypnotic sunset of the city from the glorious Savitri Temple. Located at a height of 750 feet on the Savitri Hill, the temple has a fascinating history and a great religious significance.

Savitri Temple, Pushkar Rajasthan

History of Savitri Temple

It is believed that once Lord Brahma, who is known as the creator of the Universe according to Hindu mythology, was performing a holy yagna on the banks of Pushkar Lake. The presence of his wife, Goddess Savitri, was required to complete the rituals. However, since Savitri was late and the auspicious moment was passing, Lord Brahma married a local girl named Gayatri and completed the yagna. When Savitri discovered this, she was furious and went to the hilltop. The temple is constructed on the same hill. Later, an agreement was made that Savitri will always be worshipped before Gayatri. This tradition is carried on even today. The first aarti is performed at the Savitri temple and then at the Gayatri temple. 

How to Reach

There are two ways to reach the temple. Devotees generally take 200 steps to reach the temple, calling it a religious journey. The other way to reach the top is a ropeway that offers a fun ride to the temple. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of Pushkar city while sitting in a cable car. 

Sunset from cable car ride at Savitri Temple Pushkar

Opening Hours

The temple is open 7 days a week from 5 am to 12 pm, and then from 4 pm to 9 pm. There is no entry fee. 

Our Journey

We preferred to reach Savitri Temple via cable car and the ride was amazing, a little scary though. As we reached the hilltop of Savitri Hill, the sun just started going down. It seemed to merge with the sky creating layers of multiple colours. No doubt Nature has the best set of crayons. No painting can ever be painted so beautifully as the nature paints sunsets on the canvas of the sky. Every sunset has a different vibe.

Sunset from Savitri Temple, Pushkar


Sunset from Savitri Temple, Pushkar City

After enjoying the euphoric sunset, we entered the temple to seek blessings of the Goddess. Since the temple is on a hilltop, it offers panoramic views of the Pushkar city including the beautiful Pushkar Lake. You can sit there for hours to simply enjoy the nature around you. 

View of Pushkar City from Savitri Temple

Overall, it was an evening well spent. The cable car ride, amazing views, jaw dropping sunset, beautiful nature surrounding us and some sweet memories – everything was just perfect about this trip. 

Important Tips

  • Make sure you check for the sunset time in advance and plan accordingly. Keep some buffer time for queues at the cable car ride station. 

  • There are a lot of monkeys around and in the temple. So, take care of your mobile phones, sunglasses, wallets, hand bags and cameras. We used our selfie stick to scare them off and saved our belongings. Carrying a stick to scare them off is recommended.
  • If you love some fun photography, you can hire colourful turbans on rent. You’ll find some vendors selling this stuff near the temple. The price is around 10 INR per turban. 

  • Bonus tip for people traveling to Pushkar, don’t miss on buying ittar from their local market. You’ll get amazing fragrances at a very cost effective price. You can also ask them to mix different fragrances to make a new one. The price ranges between 100 INR to 300 INR per bottle. (Lotus and Musk are two of the best fragrances I bought). 

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